Bridgeway Success

We believe that all Bridgeway participants can find success if they are willing to cooperate with requirements and maintain a positive mindset. Generally, youth are successful when they complete their court-ordered requirements, discontinue any illegal or negative behaviors and become responsible members of their home and community.


Signifiers of success among youth who have left the juvenile justice system may include (but are not limited to):

  • Being a positive, productive member in society
  • Avoiding future legal issues
  • Achieving and maintaining good grades in school
  • Getting involved with sports and other positive student organizations
  • No longer associating with friends who may have had a negative impact upon them in the past.

So what contributes to success during the Bridgeway process?

  • Active participation in treatment and meeting court-ordered requirements
  • Cooperating with probation workers throughout the treatment process
  • Attending all court-ordered hearings and meetings
  • Understanding that changes in lifestyle may be necessary, and willingness to make those changes

In 2014, Bridgeway served 348 youth and families:

  • 91 percent completed court-ordered requirements, including:
    • Clean drug screens
    • Participation in community service
    • Academic progress in school
    • Becoming responsible members of their community/home
  • 97 percent of youth served were free of new felony convictions during enrollment
  • 89 percent of youth were free of felony convictions two years after completing the Bridgeway program
  • 84 percent of  youth who were referred to Bridgeway with a level one probation status and remained in the community had their wardship terminated in under one year.

Satisfaction surveys

  • Subcontract providers
    • Among respondents to a mail survey, 100 percent indicated a high level of satisfaction with Bridgeway
  • Youth/parents/guardians
    • Surveys of 21 youth and their families revealed that 95 percent agreed or strongly agreed that they were satisfied with Bridgeway’s services

Meet Manuel

Manuel’s Mother Describes the Bridgeway Impact
"My son has been in this juvenile justice system for some time.  He has always had a hard time doing what is right, and then when in trouble, he has a hard time seeing what he did wrong.   Manuel has had substance abuse and mental health problems, as well... "

Meet Steven

A Bridgeway success story!
"After being charged with assault and battery, Steven was referred to Bridgeway. Steven was angry about the situation he was in and initially struggled with the program. Following counseling and a psychiatric evaluation, a treatment team was able to identify triggers of Steven’s aggression and provide more effective treatment. Steven... "