Manuel’s Mother Describes the Bridgeway Impact

My son has been in this juvenile justice system for some time.  He has always had a hard time doing what is right, and then when in trouble, he has a hard time seeing what he did wrong.


Manuel has had substance abuse and mental health problems, as well as troubles with the law. But my son is not a lost cause, and our Bridgeway workers have always encouraged me to see that. Bridgeway has been supportive of Manuel, helped him make better choices and identified what he needs to do to get out of the juvenile justice system.  They have provided plenty of helpful resources, kept us on track with what needed to be done and led not only my son – but also us, as his mom and dad.


It was so hard for so long, as I was just mad, helpless and tired. It has been a struggle, and Manuel had to be put into residential placement for a while. We’re happy that he is home again and our Bridgeway workers have helped get Manuel to a point now (he is 18 and will be terminated soon, we hope) where he seems to understand that he needs to make changes and smarter choices.


Manuel no longer has substance abuse problems and is currently under care for his mental health issues. He takes his medicine regularly and is working hard to finish school.  Because of what Bridgeway and our workers have done for us – and with us – I feel like my son has a real chance at a better future.   All we want for him is a real future with a healthier and happier life. We cannot thank our Bridgeway workers enough for giving us that hope.

*Note: Manuel’s name has been changed to maintain confidentiality.